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Assessment Process

When partnering with Clients, we will of course conduct a thorough investigation and assessment of a candidate's "Technical" ability and their "Stretch Potential" for the future progression within your organisation. In other words, can they deliver both across the Short-to-Medium but also what can they potentially they deliver over the longer-term.

Imagine as a Client, You could have the right Candidate "Technically" with plenty of "Stretch Potential" to progress. However, if their "Values" are not Aligned with Your "Organisational Culture" they would invariably join the business only to ultimately leave within 9-18 Months, citing that the Business is just not for them.

However, as cited in our "Passion & Purpose" overview, we also take the process much deeper, to achieve a full "Understanding" what drives and motivates a candidate at a core personality level. When assessing candidates for a specific role, we employ the following interviewing & assessment tools/framework.

This allows us to provide Clients with In-Depth and Tailored Insights Profiling for all submitted Candidates; and it also provides Candidates with a greater level of awareness of where their Values & Needs would be best suited within anyone one Business.

However just as importantly We Listen & Care Yes, it is really that simple and yet that powerful. We Listen & Truly Care about understanding and helping both Candidates & Clients achieve that all important Values/Cultural alignment, meaning success and happiness can be achieved across the long-term for both parties.

And whilst it is not a "Rocket Science", this careful and considered process does unequivocally provide the highest probability of a “Win/Win” outcome for both Candidates & Clients when it comes to Aligning Values & Company Culture.

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