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Passion & Purpose

The adage that "Recruitment is not Rocket Science" is in many ways true. Indeed, PT Executive's goal is a simple one. To match Candidate skills, ability and potential with a Clients need for attracting market leading talent to Their organisation.

However, Strategic and Added Value led recruitment is much deeper than this and requires a more considered and long-term approach to success. This is where we can make a difference in the recruitment process to both Candidates and Clients alike.

This is because Our driving Passion & Purpose is to Align Candidates Values to Company Culture within the talent acquisition process. This allows greater levels of Strategic Career Planning for Candidates and greater levels of Strategic Succession Planning for Clients.

Why this is so important?

Think about Candidate "skills and ability" as the "bricks and mortar" of a house, vitally important to any building. Could there be anything more important for a building you may ask?


The "Foundations" on which that house stands, and it is these "Foundations" that are the Values, Beliefs and Behaviours of a Candidate/Potential Employee. This can also be seen in Organisations, the "Foundations" of a Company is its' Culture, what can be termed its' "Collective Value's set".

We believe that to achieve long-lasting success in recruitment, both Candidate Values and Company Culture must be aligned.

This guiding principle allows us to help Candidates make better Career decisions and Clients make better Hiring decisions. We have found that if both Candidates & Clients get this element right, then employees stay for many years within the business and contribute and progress above and beyond their day to day role.

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